Why Trevor-Roberts

Why Trevor-Roberts

We believe in a different

kind of success

For over 25 years now, we’ve been harnessing the power of purpose. Because we understand that work begins at a personal level, which then flows into an organisation, and then impacts our community as a whole.

We don’t adhere to a one size fits all approach, because we recognise that each person and every organisation is different. That means that each of your employees has a unique career story to explore. We uncover them and craft a compelling narrative to leverage their strengths and fulfil their sense of purpose.

We collaborate with clients. We create solutions. We commit to outcomes. Helping with change. Making sense of the chaos. Delivering optimism for the future.

Work is too big a part of our lives for us not to be purposeful about it. So we are driven to bring meaning to the world of work.

And rise with the same plan and goal for every single day in every single decision: make it meaningful.

The story of our logo​

Concentric circles represent the three realms in the world of work: individual, organisation and society. The circles are not solid, representing the fluid nature of the interaction between these three realms.

The Trevor-Roberts Research Institute

We love a good conversation. We really love a conversation on meaningful topics on the changing nature of work and society.

We established the Trevor-Roberts Research Institute to explore these changes and be involved in the conversations. Through our own research and collaborations with universities and other organisations, our aim is to share the latest thinking, research and global trends.

Current collaborations include:

Centre for Work, Organisation & Wellbeing – Griffith University
One of the leading international research centres dedicated to work and employment.

Gross National Happiness (GNH) Centre Australia
Co-founders of the centre to bring Bhutan’s unique perspective to Australia.

Current Research Projects

Creating an agile and adaptable workforce
Dealing with overwhelm and overwork in organisations
Leadership as identity construction

I have engaged Trevor- Roberts over many years to deliver leadership development programs, coaching, and tailored outplacement programs for technical and professional employees. I return to Trevor-Roberts again and again because they deliver quality services, are great to work with and I am continually satisfied with the results.

Nicole Francis
Human Resources Consultant


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